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Name:Grayson Hunter Quinn
Birthdate:Apr 7
Grayson Quinn is the only child of stock broker Ian Quinn, and his wife, investment banker Janet. His parents met when his mother was the assisting loan officer on the loan with which his dad would start his own brokerage firm, and there was almost instant chemistry. The pair would run into each other later the day after their first meeting, completely by accident when they went for dinner at the same restaurant, and ended up back at Janet's place in a very hot hookup. The next day, she put her neck on the line to try and get Ian the loan, and as luck would have it, he scored it. Luckily for them both, he had a hell of a business head on his shoulders, and managed to take the loan, and make a business that worked like a charm. What they didn't know then was that their tryst that first night had resulted in Janet becoming pregnant. Extremely dedicated to her career, she had every intention of terminating the pregnancy, even going so far as to make the appointment, but at the last minute, she changed her mind.

She and Ian ended up hooked up, and had a whirlwind wedding only two months before Grayson was born, Janet using her maternity leave to study for a second degree while Ian poured his heart and soul into getting his business off the ground. Within a few short years, his business was booming, and Janet had advanced in her bank to one of the top investment bankers. Grayson doesn't remember a time when his family wasn't already quite well off, and he grew up with nannies and the finest private education Manhattan could offer. However, when Gray was only four years old, his parents split, though it didn't change much for him. He still grew up raised by nannies, and the only real difference was that his parents only plied him with money that much more, both desperately trying to make him choose them as the "favorite parent," in attempts to use him against each other. Gray never really got that much into it, being closer to his nannies and his father's house staff than either of his parents anyway.

It was at his first day of kindergarten that he met Julian Beaumont, and the two became fast friends, remaining so all the way through school. It was their senior year on a camping trip to the lake that Grayson suddenly and out of the blue laid a kiss on Julian. Gray had already become pretty certain of his own homosexuality prior to the trip, but the kiss with Julian had been somewhat of a surprise and an accident. By the time the trip was said and done, the boys had made their way into town to pick up condoms and lube, and lost their virginities (at least their gay virginities) to each other.

Dating was never really on the cards for them, as they were best friends and neither of them were looking for anything serious, but the sex was good after they'd had some time to get it right, and they maintain a healthy FWB situation even now whenever they see each other. That time together, however, has been seriously cut down since they graduated high school, and Grayson went on to study business in Madrid. Like Julian, Gray was being coached to take over his dad's company, and it was definitely something he was okay with. He liked living the high life, having money at his disposal, and never wanting for anything. And he also liked the fact that his lifestyle gave him the capability to fuck literally anyone he wanted. Sex and partying were the story of his life, especially in Spain, and he often regretted the fact that Julian wasn't there partying with him.

After finishing his bachelor's in business, he immediately went on to get his MBA, also in Spain. But as much as he loved it there, he couldn't wait to get back to the States and get his partying and fucking on with his best friend. What awaits him, though, is far from what he expected.
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